Angie Minah Park

Professional Wordsmith, etc.

Ph.D. (ABD), MA

AMP Communications, Owner

Who Is She?

Angie is a Freelance Writer, Editor, KO-EN Translator, and Communications Strategist.

She is also the owner of  AMP Commuications and a

PhD Candidate in English.

Versatility, accuracy, and creativity best describe her work.

What She Offers










Here's a quick fireside chat with Angie:

Q1: Tell me more about yourself.

 I am a firm believer in the Growth Mindset and the Power of Villages. I have worked in diverse industries including banking, sales, post-secondary teaching, non-profit, and communications, and in each role, I promptly nurtured new skills to achieve excellence by different measures. As a doctoral candidate, I believe that you are never too old to learn and that there's never "enough" knowledge to gain: I can learn from anyone and through any given experience, at anytime. Resilience and a strong work ethic are two of best attributes that compliment my mindset.

I also believe that "It takes a village to raise a child." Whether that "child" is a piece of writing, a business, a project, or a person, I think that a team, rather than an individual, has more endurance and power. Honouring the "villages" that I am a part of and building new ones wherever I go are important facets of who I am.

Quick interesting facts: I have walked 780km across northern Spain, solo-climbed Mount Fuji overnight, camped in the Sahara desert, earned a scuba-diving license in Thailand, and love to dance!

Q2: Why should we hire you? What makes you stand out as a writer, etc.?


For three reasons: 


1. I am a Swiss-knife communicator,

2. I am creative, and

3. I think like a business owner.


My experience in a multitude of industries means I can be punchy, informative, concise, technically accurate, or all of the above, based on my client's preferences. I treat their business as my own: my starting goal is to understand your needs and to ensure your satisfaction.

Q3: How would you describe your communication style?


Accuracy & versatility. That's my double-edged sword. I am also a meticulous editor.


My experience with content forms include: website content, blogs, social media updates, e-mail marketing, press releases, print brochures, proposals, etc.

I am always excited to expand my horizon of expertise through my clients' needs.

Angie (left). Images courtesy of Live Your Potential.

Q4: What is working with you like?

 I understand that you are busy, and you need quality work at the right time. I am a recognized deadline lover and an overachiever.


At our initial consultation, I will listen to your needs and ask lots of questions about your business, set clear expectations in terms of time and work design.


As I manage my own schedule, I will try to move worlds for you and respond to your inquiries promptly, but I will also politely say "no" if the timeline is simply not feasible.


That's to say, I will never hang you out to dry and deliver no less (but plenty of room for more) than your expectations.

Q5: How do I get in touch?

   If you send me an email at, I will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. From there, if you would like, we can schedule a phone or in-person consultation at your earliest convenience.

Contact Angie

Based in Toronto, Canada |  Linked In: angieminahpark

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