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Min Ah


Humanities Researcher, Writer, Translator


About Angie

PhD Candidate, Department of English, York University

Master's, English, University of Victoria (2016)

Honours Bachelor's, English & Political Science, University of Toronto (2014)

Angie's dissertation project is tentatively titled,

Hyphenated and Whole:

Forms, Politics, and Aesthetics of Korean (-) Canadian Literature

as World Literature


Her project is the first book-length investigation of "Korean-Canadian" literature, studying not only its historical development and content but further, its fast-changing textual forms (from local literary magazines to film and TV shows), politics (of culture, translation, language, identity and more), and its unique use of comedy. Taking a comparative approach, she draws connections between Korean-American and Korean-Canadian Literatures to explore the ways that the two bodies inform, interact with, and differ from one another, beyond merely their national identities. 

Important questions of her research are these: how can we read Korean-Canadian Literature and how does this "reading" influence the framing of "Korean-Canadian," or "Korean American," Literature? Moreover, considering the diversity of identities, politics, culture, and forms of Korean-Canadian Literature, how can we study this as World Literature, beyond its national boundaries?

Angie's research has won many awards including the LA&PS Dissertation Fieldwork Fellowship (2019-2020), MITACS Research Award (2019-2020), and the Dr. Sangdeok Woo and Mrs. Kwisoon Lim Woo Memorial Graduate Award (2018-2019) from York Centre for Asian Research. These generous grants and awards make her project possible.


Her work is supervised by Drs. Lily Cho (supervisor), Marie-Christine Leps (committee member), Ann H. Kim (committee member). In August 2019, Angie achieved her candidacy status, and to inform her project, she has completed all course requirements for dual diplomas in World Literature and Asian Studies in addition to her doctoral degree. 

Aside from her own research, Angie has worked as a Research Assistant for the Korea in the World, the World in Korea Studies project as part of the Korean Office for Research and Education at York University. She has also taught several courses as a Teaching Assistant in the Humanities and English departments. Angie is also a passionate volunteer and community organizer, having dedicated her time to organizations such as the Korean Canadian Scholarship Foundation, Live Your Potential (LYP) Women's Leadership and Career Development Program, KCWA Family and Social Services, Korean Canadian Children's Association (KCCA), Coreators (formerly called Corean Canadian Creatives) and many others. 

In her spare time, Angie loves to travel, write blog articles and short fiction, (of course) read, and dance. As a fluent bi-lingual speaker of English and Korean, Angie also works as a translator and language instructor part-time. 


Contact Me

538 Atkinson College,York University, Toronto, ON M3J 1P3 

angie.minah.park@gmail.com |  Linked In: angieminahpark

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